I’m Keren, a church planter’s wife and a stay-at-home mom of two based in Manila, Philippines. I spend my spare time drinking a lot of coffee, keeping my ornamental plants alive, reading and collecting books or watching Neflix.
Are you a pastor’s wife?
Yes, I am. I serve alongside my husband as a ministry volunteer in a Presbyterian Church in Quezon City.

Are you a Calvinist or a Reformed Christian?
Yes, I subscribe to the Westminster Standards as a faithful summary of teaching found in the Bible.

How old are you? 

How old are your kids?
Little Miss is 5. Little Man is 2.

Why blog?
I see this blog as an avenue where I write out my thoughts on Scripture, education, marriage, parenting, and homemaking in general. I wish to homeschool the Little Man this year and provide home educational support for Little Miss in between therapy sessions. On top of that, I’m writing a simple and accessible Children’s Catechism curriculum for parents to use at home with their kids. I’m also a big advocate for Classical Christian Education. This blog serves as an outlet for all those attempts, and them some.

What are your biggest dreams and aspirations?
To develop locally published Reformed children’s resources and Classical Christian homeschool curricula for children.




Illustration by Margaux Janelle Chua