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How to Make Homemade Clay Dough

Homemade Clay Dough Recipe All-Purpose Flour Water Iodized Salt Vegetable Oil Measuring Cup Mixing Bowl Mixing Spoon Food Coloring (Optional) Essential Oils (Optional) Instructions Mix 2C of All-Purpose Flour with 1C of Salt. Add 1C of Water into the dry mix. Mix all three ingredients until it starts to clump up. Add 1TBSP of vegetable […]

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How to Make Homemade Slime

I’ve been meaning try making some homemade slime for the kids for the longest time. So when I found that Lazada Philippines sold some Borax powder, I jumped into the opportunity. If you got a big batch of Borax, you can it use it around the house. There are also a few science experiments that […]

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Children’s Catechism Lesson 1: Who Made You?

Ever since I have been introduced to the Reformed faith, I’ve been wanting to write a catechism curriculum for children based on the First Catechism, an intro to the Westminster Shorter Catechism. That was almost a decade ago, and even though I was involved in children’s ministry I was not prepared to write a catechism […]

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