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How to Choose Books for Children

Time and again, I get asked for children’s book recommendations. I am a self-confessed bibliophile, and I have maintained a modest collection of children’s books at home. You should know that I am not an expert. But I am a mother who wants to share the love of great literature to my own children, and […]

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Homeschooling | The Classical Preschool

Read Aloud Day

I am adapting The Classical Preschool for homeschool, and the first day begins with Read Aloud. As I have mentioned in my previous post, my two-year old tot loves to read with me. I have discovered today that he only enjoyed reading books that interest him. He would usually choose the books he wants to […]

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Beginning Our Homeschool Journey

I am not a professional teacher. My training was Computer Science in university, and Biblical Studies for my post-grad. But I have always loved teaching. And this was one of the primary reasons why I entered seminary almost 10 years ago. Teaching the Bible to adults is quite different from teaching little children, I tell […]

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Keep Writing

I have long kept a blog, and I have started sharing my thoughts online since 2001. These were random posts from an idealistic teenager, but it was cathartic. However, since I became a mom about five years ago, this practice was put on hold. I read less, and so I wrote less. And I really […]

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